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Update on Coach Bowen


This is where he spends his time on Sunday. He's a deacon, a teen class Sunday School teacher, VBS director, and a leader in Kids Talk time in our worship services just to name a few of his labors for the Lord. We love you, Van Bowen and know that God was and is in control.


Per request of the family, they would like all donations to go through Nevill's Chapel Missionary Baptist Church.

We are here at the church Monday - Thursday 8-4 if you would like to drop off a donation.



*We will be posting all of the latest updates here on Van Bowen. He is a member of Nevill's Chapel, and we have accurate information coming in from church family that is with him.


3-26-17 11:18 AM

Great Report... ribs look better, pancreas has about a 50% chance of healing, lungs look good, and diaphragm is healing. In 48 hours, we will know more. Only concern is low-grade fever. 

The doctor just came out and said everything went very well, and he closed him up. They put drain tubes in as a precaution. The hip doctor thinks that he will not have to have hip surgery. The diaphragm mesh is working well.

They plan to replace the vent with a tracheotomy as soon as they can because he has been fighting the tube.


3-26-17 9:14 AM

Surgery will begin within the hour. Will update after surgery.


3-25-17 2:56 PM

Surgery postponed until Sunday.



3-25-17 11:26 AM

They have postponed his surgery until this afternoon. Please continue to pray for the family.



3-25-17 10:03 AM

Please pray for Bro Van He has just has gone back to surgery, We need to pray pray!


From Charla Bowen

3-25-17 10:13 AM

We woke up once again to the great news of God's amazing work last night. Vital signs were good and no increase in pain medication throughout the night. Van will be going into his second surgery at 10:00 this morning. He has been so strong and has made tremendous progress thus far, so we are so excited and hopeful to see the amazing work and healing God has prepared for him.
After all, He is the ultimate Coach, and I know He will guide the medical team that's set in place, to fix up our guy, and will continue to work miracles that are "not of this world"!!
Our heart's are humbled at the kindness and generosity shown to us during this time. I am trying my best to respond to everyone, especially the sweet students that are texting to Van's phone. He loves you all very much! And we are sharing all of your kind words and thoughts with him! It never mattered where we were or what we were doing, he would always make time for our sweet kids of MPISD.
Thank you for your prayers and please continue with them! The power of prayer is working right before our eyes!! 🙂

Thank you all so much again,
Charla, Caity, and Carly



3-24-17 10:30 PM

His surgery is scheduled for 10 am in the morning.
They had to sedate him more because of pain. his liver and pancreas are in bad shape.
The pancreas is critical with no plan of action as of yet.
Pelvis shattered, broken hip. but tons of improvement after first surgery at 4 am this morning!

Surgery will tell us more in morning.

The family can not express how grateful they are for the prayers, support, calls, posts, visits!!!!

Please continue to also say a prayer for the Angelica Beard family and coaches and students of Mount Pleasant ISD.

If you want more info on what happen please click on link below.