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Pastor Glenn Ray Griffith and wife, Mickey celebrated their 30th Anniversary with the Nevills Chapel MBC.  At the same time, Nevills Chapel MBC celebrated her 119th anniversary.

Bro. Glenn stated they celebrated their son, Joshua Griffith’s 4th birthday the first Sunday they were at Nevills Chapel MBC, when he was 4 years old.  He turned 34 this October 2016.   Bro. Glenn first attributes the glory to God that he has been blessed to be a part of such a wonderful church family.  He also states his wonderful wife Mickey was his strong support during all these years.  As with any work one is doing for the Lord, there are always issues that arise, but she stood by him with her prayers and encouragement.  How blessed it is for a minister to have a wife that loves the Lord, the Lord’s church, and the work in God’s kingdom vineyard, he calls his servant to do.  At times her loving, but caring words had to be stern to help Bro. Glenn stay focused.  Thank the Lord for such love and caring concern by one’s loving mate.

All three of the Griffith children were able to be a part of this special and well-attended service.  Shannon & Johnny Harvill [children Hannah & Hayden], Edie & Tijibbe dejong [Madie & Annie] and Joshua & Sandy Griffith [children Jackson Glenn & Charlie Michelle].  Bro. Glenn stated what a blessing!   Their children all graduated high school and attended the North East Texas Community College in Mt. Pleasant, Texas.  They went on and completed their degrees in college while still members of Nevills Chapel.

Nevills Chapel has grown to become a wonderful mission minded church and have been blessed to sponsor numerous mission points and opportunities.  Tomball MBC, Tomball, Texas, John & Barbara Rushing, in Saigon, Vietnam, Rusty & Susan Teer in Chain Mai, Thailand, Michael & Anna Marie Hopper, Kenya, and George and Margie Dever, Dexter Maine and now Scott & Stacie Maness, Cordoba, Argentina. Also Nevills Chapel MBC is a co-sponsor to Macedonian Missionary service. Bro.  Glenn and another church member, Mary Turner joined a group of sixteen who were sent with the churches help on a Medical Campaign this past February to Kenya to work with Bro. Ernie & Michael Hopper.  All of these mission efforts sets one soul on fire for lost souls.

Bro.  Glenn states that when it is time for him to let go as pastor, that the church will continue to love souls and spread the gospel in all areas of missions.  He also states that they have always been a strong supporter of Texas Baptist Institute, and so has he.   Thank the Lord for the many brethren that have given of themselves to keep this special place of learning and training men of God to serve God and the Lord’s churches.