Brother Glenn Griffith


We've entered into a much larger ministry than ever before here at Nevill's Chapel. Reflecting upon the years gone by we have been so blessed and enriched through the lives and families of so many of our church members. Many are already basking in the sunshine of God's blessed love of Glory Land. Our hearts ache to see them leave us, yet our souls rejoice knowing that they are far better than ever before and that we shall join them in God's time and plan. Heaven will surely be worth it all!

My wonderful and supportive wife, Mickey and I have truly experienced such joy at this great church. We will soon be entering into our 30 years of service here and thank God for it all. Nothing we've accomplished is about us, but about the Lord. He is the one it is all about. It has been exciting to experience spiritual growth and expansion of the church plant and an ever growing heart of Love and compassion. In not too many distant years in the future, it will be necessary for Nevill's Chapel members to prepare themselves for a future growth in every area of service. As always some will hold back while others will share the joy of it all.

It is good to see the spiritual growth that has and is taking place among the older and newer members. Whether it is with me or whoever may be the spiritual leader, this is very exciting! Only God knows what the future holds for any of us, however, we know we serve the God who is big enough to make it happen! And will make things happen when His people have a mind to work. Trusting God means seeing beyond ourselves to God and what He sees for us and His working through us.

Another exciting thing about Nevill's Chapel Missionary Baptist Church is her ever growing love for lost souls, and the desire to reach out and support, serve on mission fields and send out missionaries. How could a pastor not be happy and proud to be so blessed as I am and have been. It is great that we now are a co-endorsing church for Macedonian Mission service, along with our ongoing Faith Promise Missions, and AWANA, Teens, and Senior Adult Program. These all challenge us and may we meet the challenge through God's mercy,love, and grace.


Brother Shawn Findley


Blessed just Blessed! That's how I feel today and every day since Rachel and I have joined Nevill's Chapel. It has been an awesome four years and I'm looking forward to many more years to come. We have already shared many memories and exciting time with the youth and the church family. It is exciting to see God at work in all phases of our ministry. Several of the youth,young and old have come to know Christ as their Savior and committed to serving Him in the church capacity. To God be the glory!

I am ever thankful for a pastor who loves the Lord and is burdened for lost souls. To have His support,love and confidence go a long way in our ministries working together. I am thankful for a church who is always willing to step up and not only help meet the needs of the young people but also support our endeavors,no matter how crazy they may seem at the time. You guys are the best!

It is a true blessing to have the youth of Nevill's Chapel. Thank you guys for being willing and excepting to all of the crazy ideas that come into my head. It is great to see how much you have grown in the Lord, and I'm excited about our future and new youth that are coming.

Thank you for loving Rachel,the kids and me. We love and appreciate all you do for us.


Brother Al Baker


The senior ministry has a fourfold mission: First, we have our "Young in Heart" luncheon/dinner on the third Thursday of every month; Second, we go to Pleasant Springs Rest Home, the first Tuesday of every month; Third, YIH Plans three or four trips of interest for our seniors; Fourth, we do a Senior Night Out or a family Movie Night, During the year. I enjoy visiting in the homes, hospitals and rest home encouraging the seniors.


Brother Reggie Whatley

Music Director

Brother George Dever


I am George Dever, Missionary to Dexter, Maine. I have been here 12 years. Dexter is a small town of approximately 3400 people. At this present time, we have about 50 members. I am married, my wife is Marji and we have been married for 36 years. We have two children, Tiffany(29) and Jacob (26) and a daughter-in-law Melanie.


Brother Michael Hopper

Missionary to Africa
maness family

The Maness Family

Missionary to Argentina

We are Scott and Anastacia Maness. We have 6 children between the ages of 3 and 17.
We are excited to join Nevill's Chapel. Pray for us as we follow God's call to share the gospel in Argentina.